How to Reach

Thawe is situated Gopalganj District in the State of Bihar, INDIA.

Thawe is  very good connected with railway network  to the different parts of the state and other cities of our country. The nearest railway junction Siwan is directly connected to the four metro cities Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata & Chennai. This is also well connected to other city of our country. Gorakhpur and Patna the major rail heads are also directly connected to “Thawe” via Siwan & Chapra After arrival at Gorakhpur, Patna or Siwan one can reach Thawe very easily by train or Bus. Also Taxi service is available

Thawe  connects different places within state along with other parts of the country. Many National Highways pass through the state. Regular Bus and Taxi services are available from major cities of Bihar and East Uttar Pradesh (Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Varanasi etc.) through out the day.

Patna the Capital City of Bihar, is well connected to different cities of the country through regular flights. From Patna very good Rail and Road transport facility is available to reach the Maa’s Temple.

List of Distance from various cities

From (City/Town) Distance (in K.M.)
Gopalganj 6 K.M.
Siwan 28 K.M.
Chapra 94 K.M.
Patna 174 K.M.
Gorakhpur 120 K.M.
Varansi 230 K.M.
Lucknow 385 K.M.
New Delhi 929 K.M.

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